Why Things Are The Way They Are

Bottom line? Too many people believe in how things are.

For example, take the various systems of inequity and oppression: Racism, Sexism, Colorism, Beautism, Classism, etc… They all exist. Why? Because people practice them. Why? Because people believe in them. Why? Very good question, and one that I’m baffled by to some degree.

I mean, I get it (I really don’t). I know why those at the top, who benefit from these systems, believe in them. It’s not rocket science. What I don’t understand, is when the people who are being oppressed buy into, support, and practice the very systems oppressing them. Like the Middle and Lower Class populations being at odds with each other when the only people who really benefit from such conflict are the Upper Class, mainly because the Middle and Lower Classes keep the system afloat.

I’m talking execution here, not theory.

Think about it. If we’re going to divide people into Upper, Middle, and Lower Class brackets, people will naturally fall into one of those classes on their own accord. We don’t need a system that works to force, place, or hold certain people in certain Classes no matter what they do. Why, that’s just EVIL.

When you see that most of these systems, individually or combined, but especially combined, abundantly  benefit the smallest percentage of the Earth’s population overall, wouldn’t that be your cue to interrogate, break down, and denounce these systems?

Playing The Game
Playing The Game further divides people into private groups and cliques.

I mean, I get it (I really don’t).

I know some figure they’ll “play the game”, try to get whatever they can out of the system, try to finagle their way into the best possible position for themselves to “win”, and some do find some level of success, whatever that is, and at what cost really? But, why play the game at all? I know, I know, because everybody else is playing the game because everybody else is playing the game BECAUSE everybody else is…yeah, and if everybody else were jumping off cliffs…or selling their right arms…It’s like a Twilight Zone episode.

Listen up, these systems are not designed for everybody to win, which is the problem. They’re designed, on purpose, for only specific types of people to win. Everybody else, fighting for whatever they can get, the scraps, the leftovers, treating each other like trash, just wind up helping to keep those at the top, at the top, all because they’re so distracted with trying to “play the game” and “win” which most of them will not, by design.  See the madness there?

We could be so much further along as a species, and with that, I ask you:

Through ridiculous systems of inequity and oppression, how many progressive minds have been made to perish at our civilization’s’ greater loss and how many degenerate minds have been allowed to flourish and further those losses?

Most people say, and I mean most people because its true, if not, things wouldn’t be the way they are. Most people say “This is just the way things are.” I say, “No. This is how we allow things to be.” We, as a collective, create the reality we live in by acting on what we believe. Guess what, we can change what we believe and how we act. Ha, betcha’ didn’t know that, huh?

“Things” weren’t always like this. Life didn’t start out this way, it became like this over time, which means, it can be changed, it can become something else. This is why we must collectively start believing in something else, something different, something better, something healthier, for us all.

In order for things to change, enough of us, not everybody, just enough of us have to believe they can be better and act on that belief instead of surrendering to the belief that things are the way the are because…(shrug).

But, like most things in Life, it all starts in the Mind and we must realize that our thoughts shape culture just as culture shapes our thoughts.

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