The 1st Step of Letting Go


You’re hanging off the ledge of a building engulfed in flames. Tears stream down your cheeks due to thick black smoke stinging your eyes.You try to scream but that same thick black smoke chokes all attempts and burns your throat. From below, voices call out, some familiar and some not, but they all yell up at you, beckoning you to “Let go! Jump! Let go! We got you!”.

Choking on the smoke, you dare a look down and through tearing eyes you make out the crowd that has formed beneath you, gathered around a large firefighter’s safety cushion that has been inflated to catch you. “Let go! Come on! Let go!” they call out again.

The smoke, growing ever thicker, blinds you. The flames, growing ever larger, threaten you. The searing heat, growing ever hotter, burns you. But you do not obey the voices below, instead, you turn away from their seeming salvation and your grip on the ledge, growing ever tighter, binds you.


Why are you holding on?

“The first step in Letting Go is understanding why you’re Holding On.”

Even in the perilous scenario described above, The Ledge, Your Ledge, represents a certain form of stability; a certain form of comfort, if you will. In that moment, it is the very thing holding you up. The only thing you are so positively sure of keeping you from plunging to certain death.

The Ledge is something you know, someone you know, that is very familiar, feels secure, which makes it that much harder to let go of. The thing is though, in holding on, you exert so much energy, use up so much strength, straining your muscles in such a way that after a certain point, holding on so vigorously causes you more pain than letting go would. But the fear of what you will lose, when given into, causes you to hold on ever more tightly even though you are causing more harm to yourself than anything else around you.

. . .

I’ll be sharing more of my thoughts on this topic in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I’d love to here your opinion on this. Do me a favor and leave your comments below.

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