The 2nd Step of Letting Go


Embrace what must come.

“The Second Step to Letting Go is understanding why You Have To.”

The fall represents that dreadful and terrifying feeling of loss. The stomach twisting feeling of falling from a great height. In all its complexities, it is quite arguably the scariest part of Letting Go but it is also the simplest part because all you have to do is let it happen. Don’t fight it.

The Fall simply takes you from point A to point B, where you were to where you will be, with this person or thing to without this person or thing. The hard part is dealing with all you’ll have to go through, all you’ll have to face, to get through it, much like going through withdrawls.

In Letting Go of The Ledge, and the Burning Building, what little control you had, the control you thought you had, is suddenly now gone. The world rushes passed you out of control as you drop. Your body flails about, fighting against the air, instinctively trying to stop you from falling. You reach out to grab hold of something, anything, to stop your blurring descent, but there is nothing, in fact, there should be nothing to hold on to until you hit the bottom. You must fall and you must hit the bottom.

As mentioned earlier, The Fall is very much like going through withdrawls. You’ve grown so used to, so dependent upon your Ledge that now that you’ve let it go, it literally hurts. In this case, psychologically and emotionally.  It’s a very scary time, a time of uncertainty. A million things, thoughts and emotions, race through your mind driven by fear, powered by pain and you are but a hapless passenger doomed to go wherever the roller coaster takes you. Point A to Point B, from The Ledge to the Landing.

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