The 3rd Step of Letting Go


Accept the unknown.

“The Third Step in Letting Go is understanding that You Will Survive.”

Once you hit the bottom, you will realize a number of things, or at least you should, some sooner and others later. 1) It wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. 2) You are stronger than you thought you were. 3) It was not the end of the world but the start of one anew. 4) You did not die, but on the contrary, you were given a new lease on life. 5) The quality of this new life is greatly dependent upon the steps you take after you land.

Will you stand there soot-covered, exhausted, staring at the burning building transfixed and arrested by what once was, stuck in the past? or will you brush yourself off, turn your back on it, putting the monstrous blaze behind you, to walk towards something or someone who, though yet still unknown, is rightfully yours to discover, explore, and move on to as you pursue the future?

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