What Foundations Do You Stand On?

Love, Master, Provide Is a foundation I’ve laid out for myself. It’s what my character stands on. it’s what my whole being stands on. It guides my thoughts and it guides my actions.

Though I believe it to be universal and suitable for both Males and Females, I originally created it as my own personal criteria for being a Man because I felt like society’s standards for Manhood ultimately leaves Males feeling empty, resentful, and feeling worthless in the dimensions that truly matter.

From my perspective, It seems for Society, being a Man is based on Aggression, Dominance, and Control, which I believe leads most Males to become more of a threat to those closest to them than any other force they could ever encounter outside of them.

See, the problem is that all the aggression, the need to dominate, and the want to control isn’t just reserved for the enemy alone, and is most often unleashed upon those around us, those closest to us, family, friends, and the community at large. Basically, our own people.

Personally, I saw those flaws and wanted something healthier than those three concepts to guide me through life, something that would lead me to be a benefit to myself, my family, and to my community at large. After thinking about it for a “minute”, after praying about it for a long while, It came to me.

Obviously, the path was not Aggression, Dominance, and Control, but instead, it was Love, Master, and Provide. That’s what all Men should to do. That’s what everybody needs to do, actually

I like to say that I’m a Man of Trinities, and those three words, those three ideas

each encompass three more ideas which, in turn, encompasses three more ideas about how one can navigate life.

Look, let me explain. See, Love Is broken down into three ideas or foundations:

  • Love God
  • Love Yourself
  • Love People

And each of those three concepts are further broken down into three more deeper ideas which I’ll go into at another time. Now, to continue with this, Master Is broken down into:

  • Master Your Body
  • Master Your Soul
  • Master Your Spirit

Which then leaves Provide to be broken down into:

  • Provide whatever is needed
  • Provide In the moment
  • Provide for the future

With those foundations to stand on, I don’t see how anybody can go wrong. It’s completely positive and productive. One Idea supports and reinforces the next. Love inspires you to Master, and Mastering Enables you to Provide.

The key to all this Is the very first foundation you must stand on, and that’s Love, which everything else, is done within. Not Aggression, not dominance, not Control, but Love.

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