Love God

The meaning of Love, in the Love – Master – Provide foundation which I stand on, and speak from, is borrowed from the biblical Definition of Love:

  • Love is Patient
  • Love is Kind
  • Love does not Envy
  • Love does not Boast
  • Love is not Proud
  • Love does not Dishonor others
  • Love is not Self-Seeking
  • Love is not easily Angered
  • Love keeps no Record of Wrongs
  • Love does not delight in evil
  • But rejoices in Truth
  • Love always Protects, Trusts, Hopes and Preservers

With the spirit of that definition in mind, I figured the first element to build my foundation on should be Love, and the first to receive my love should be God, then myself, and next, people.


  • Love God
  • Love Yourself
  • Love People

But, how does one go about doing those three things? What is the best way? The most productive? The most honest? For me, it all came to be that Loving God deals with Truth in all its forms


Love God

  • Seek Truth
  • Live Truth
  • ShareTruth

LOVE: Love God > Seek Truth

Regardless of what religion or Ideology one does or does not practice, we are all searching for the truth. We all want to live in Truth. So much so that sometimes we’ll try to mold what we Believe into the truth even though it may directly oppose it.

One can believe and think it true that Men are better than Women, this race is better than that race, looks are more important than character, or the Haves are more important than the Have Nots.

But Truth shatters those ideas with simple reality time and time again, leaving those who believe those falsehoods to live in Deception rather than Truth. They are then forced to seek other deceptions in attempts to uphold what they believe instead of seeking truth; and to further reinforce what they believe, they spread deception wherever they go and in all their interactions.

Seeking the truth of things is to gain a better understanding of God, how reality/the universe works, and how people work. Seeking truth is not only about knowledge and information, but mostly about Wisdom, which allows us to use knowledge and information to better ourselves, and assist in the betterment of others.

LOVE: Love God > Live Truth

Living Truth is to be a realist, in my opinion. It’s understanding how things are now, what they were before, but most importantly, what they can be in the next moment. Things may be bad now, but they can be made better, or it can get worse. Living Truth is to hold yourself accountable in what you do and helps you to deal with things as they are, not how you wish them to be, while understanding that there is a chance for change.

Living Truth allows a Man to know that he is also an emotional being along with his female counterpart and understand that it doesn’t make him weak to express those emotions, though there are many forces of deception at work to convince him otherwise. As much as a Man may deny and try hide his emotions, truth always wins out because  the act of trying to hide those emotions is, in itself, and emotional act.

LOVE: Love God > Share Truth

Through Living Truth, you naturally Share Truth. It’s not something that you have to set out to do. As you speak and act against the lies and deceptions in your everyday life, you share truth. It becomes a natural result of who you are. You won’t have to try to do it.

LOVE: Love God > Seek Truth / Live Truth / Share Truth

Loving God, seeking truth, living truth, and sharing truth can set you free from many dysfunctional and destructive ideas and behaviors if you choose to let it. When you understand the truth of how one thing affects another which affects another, there’s no room for feigned ignorance or naivety. Such things would actually be deceptive and malicious. Truth calls your character into question asking if you will accept it to live in reality or reject it to live in deception.

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