Love Yourself

I believe Loving Yourself consists of three concepts: Live, Evolve, Reproduce


To put it simply, life is about living and what better way to love yourself than through living your life? I’m talking about, living your life with purpose. Take charge of it. Make something of it. Whether big or small, affect the world around you.

A lot of people say they are “waiting for their moment” and I say “Your life IS your moment! What are you waiting for?”. We have more control over our lives than we are normally taught, and once you understand that, you can begin to better create the life you want. If you are unhappy with your life right now, know that you have the power to make it better.


Through living our lives we should be evolving, striving to be better than we were a moment ago, learning from every experience. Most things, but especially living things evolve. You’ve been evolving sense your conception, and your physiology naturally strives to grow and become stronger. It’s hard coded into your DNA.

Without our conscious input the cells of our bodies grow. Our brain grows, and the faculties of our mind grows, but it’s up to us how efficiently we use it. It’s up to us if we learn from our experiences or not, but the ability to learn is always there. Its natural.

Though physical evolution is the most noticeable in things like learning how to walk, or talk, or dance, or type, or ride a bike; the Soul and the Spirit evolve also. The Soul being your Mind, Emotions, and Will Power, and the Spirit encompassing your Instinct, Morality, and Wisdom have the ability to evolve as well.


I believe the purpose of reproduction is to share, to reproduce our evolution in the world outside and around us. Though Reproduction is most thought of as birthing a child, it is not limited to that. We also reproduce our evolution through the Body, Soul and the Spirit in how we treat people, the words we speak, the things we make not only with our hand, but also our minds.

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