Master Your Soul

The Soul is You. What you think. What you feel. Your ability to do. It is perhaps the most important part of who you are. Through the Soul you experience the world around you.


Interrogate your thoughts. Understand how you think and why you think the things you do. How do you see yourself? How do you see the world? How do you see yourself in the World?


Do you understand your feelings? Do you know why certain things trigger particular emotions in you? Are you able to control, manage, and use your emotions in a way that they strengthen your being instead of hindering you?

Emotions are fuel and they power the way in which we think and act. Proof of this is in the fact that doing the same tasks under the influence of different emotions will yield vastly different results. Wash the dishes when you’re sad versus happy versus angry and see for yourself.


Willpower is your ability to do things be them positive, negative, healthy, or toxic. The issue is never about not having enough willpower, we all have enough, it’s more about when, how, and on what you choose to exercise it.

Ultimately, it’s a question if want and desire. We tend to take action towards the things we want and desire. So, wanting to workout and choosing not to doesn’t mean you have no willpower, it just means you used your willpower to NOT workout. You simply wanted to do something else more than working out. So them, theme real question becomes do you really desire what you say you want? If not, why?

Understanding and mastering these elements, your soul, is key to recognizing who you are in order to better evolve into your higher and more positive and productive self.

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