Master Your Spirit

All the experiences I’ve had in my life leads me to believe the Spirit is the home of Intuition, Mortality, and Wisdom.


That voice, that feeling from within that speaks to you and moves you when you allow it to do so. The ability to understand and navigate situations with little to no information at hand. Your gut feeling which you usually wind up saying you should’ve listened to in the first place.


Your view and behavior toward what is considered Right and Wrong. What you will and will not do, how you will and will not treat people based on that foundation. This, more than anything else, speaks to a persons Character.


The ability to make sound judgments and decisions for the greater good. Seek Wisdom as it will never steer you wrong. Wisdom allows you to make the best decision in any given situation and opens your eyes in consideration to the big picture of everything that’s going on within it.

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