Provide Whatever Is Needed

There a many ways one can provide, and as a Man, being limited primarily to finances or resources, enforced by a Patriarchal Society, it can be very disheartening and unfulfilling especially when such things are slanted in favor of certain “others” when Class and Ethnicity are  involved. It can leave one feeling empty, worthless, and resentful of the world in general, but especially towards those he’s supposed to provide for. 

I believe the source of this limited view was put forth by Men who had resources above others, usually societal leaders, for whom it was easy to measure one’s “Manhood” by the amount of wealth he had compared to the next Man.  This aristocratic view, pushed down to the masses, spurred Men of lesser stature to strive for this wealth-based definition of Manhood which, by design, is not meant for everyone to achieve.

Redefining what it means to provide is key…

Redefining what it means to provide is key, especially in the consideration of Men. “Providing whatever is needed” urges one to identify what is missing in any situation, outside of but not entirely excluding physical wealth and resources, with the goal of filling that void.

This speaks to the Body (Health, Lifestyle, Appearance), the Soul (Mind, Emotions, Willpower,) and the Spirit (Intuition, Morality, Wisdom) taking into consideration, and valuing,  a person’s entire Humanity as a resource.

This allows one to see their value in a broader, more meaningful sense, and also transcends covering all aspects of Gender, Ethnicity, and Class.

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