Provide In The Moment

How is this done? Observe the situation at hand, assess what’s needed most, and provide that missing element. The solution could require you to simply be a helping hand, give a word of encouragement, be a listening ear, a reliable witness, or perhaps simply you going to get someone else better suited to fulfill the particular need at hand.

Different problems require different solutions.

Money and/or physical resources can’t and don’t solve everything, and one who only knows how to provide in those two ways, or thinks those are the only ways to provide, often find themselves grossly ill-equipped to deal with anything else the complexity of life offers as challenge. In my last post, I mentioned how this can easily lead to personal feelings of inadequacy and great resentment towards those one is meant to provide for, which can then branch off to bloom yet more problems.

The three steps mentioned above, Observe, Asses, and Provide, sums up the ability to address a vast array of situation/problems at different difficulty levels. It requires and considers a person’s entire Humanity to provide a solution. Not only does it strengthen one’s problem solving ability, it also increases their potential contribution value towards any situation they may come across making them a benefit wherever they go.

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